Why us?

Deep knowledge of data science and AI (deep learning and machine learning), vast experience in scraping, portfolio of existing visualizations and our existing big data analytics platforms that can be used to deliver complex data visualizations.

AI knowledge
Vast experience in AI enables us to produce unique analysis of data.
Scraping Experience
Numerous big data scraping projects completed, utilizing data from all major platforms.
Our Analytics Platforms
Our own analytics platforms for SEO, E-commerce, Online Social Networks and Trends Analytics.
A large portfolio of visualizations for SEO, E-commerce, Social Networks and Trends Visualizations.

Main Areas of Our Data Visualizations


Keywords rankings based on 20+ factors. Rankings of niches in terms of difficulty and opportunity. Competitors comparison. We use seo niche research tool for our data visualization in area of SEO marketing.

Social Media

Mentions on social media, sentiment analysis & opinion mining of posts and reviews, extraction of topics with NLP, ...


In-depth analysis of 1 million+ eshops, machine learning based product categorization, competitor analysis, ...


In-depth presentation of trends in keywords searched, e-commerce products and niches, ...

Selected Screenshots from Our Data Visualizations

  • SEO 1
  • SEO 2
  • SEO 3
  • SEO 4
  • SEO 5
  • SEO 6
  • Trends 1
  • Trends 2
  • Trends 3
  • Ecommerce 1
  • Ecommerce 2
  • Ecommerce 3
  • Ecommerce 4

Statistics from our company

Data Visualizations Developed
big data projects
Major analytics platforms developed
Machine and Deep Learning Models Developed

What our clients say about our products and platforms

Our platforms

Our machine learning company has built several analytics platforms that provide unique visualizations in areas of SEO, Social Networks, Trends, E-commerce analytics and artificial intelligence lead generation.